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words will be just words
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Management & Katie Ray 

we’ve done a bit of research and this is what we’ve found…

most of you have probably heard by now about the woman that’s constantly spotted in elounor photos:

** ^ she’s also supposedly pregnant?

not 100% sure that it’s always the exact same woman, but they look extremely similar, and there’s a high possibility that it is her.

now, the fandom did some research, and found this woman: Kate Ray/David (it seems that she got married recently or something, and changed her name)

not long after we found her, people started spamming her with tweets, asking her all these questions about the pictures, and even sending her hate. you can look back on some of her replies.

she denied that it’s her in those photos:

true, she did tweet this picture of the swimming event:

but that doesn’t mean much, considering she could’ve easily gone to 2 events.

compare the faces, especially the eyebrows, nose, and lips:

so, we decided to google a bit about Katie Ray.

she’s “Head of Digital at Modest!”

looking into this profile:

obviously, she deals with One Direction’s image and reputation on the internet. meaning, she’s probably also one of the people who goes on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to see what fans are saying (storyboard proved to us that management does search through the tags on tumblr). she may even be in charge of what and when interviews are released, but i don’t know.

what’s also interesting, is that she said this:

when according to the tweets below, she’s with them rather often, seems to have a lot of contact with them, and is also extremely controlling:

just casually touring with them… o k a y

diana vickers was a semi-finalist on x factor in 2008, and clearly, katie told louis to promote her. since katie works with x factor, that’s not too surprising. i’m sure she’s in charge of a lot of the promotion that involves one direction (aka starbucks, coca cola, yorkshire tea, etc.)

^clearly she also has a lot of control over what the official one direction twitter account tweets.

i wouldn’t be surprised if she deleted a lot of her tweets soon, if not her whole twitter. this is proof that management is extremely controlling when it comes to just the boys’ twitters.

this is also interesting:

she tweeted one of the BIGGEST update accounts, who has never mentioned her before. i’m guessing that after initiating contact, she might tell them some insider info or clarifies something every now and then. they seem to have a relatively close relationship:

now lets take a look at her followers

odd, to say the least.

why isn’t the rest of one direction following her? why are stan, jay and anne? paul and lou following her is understandable, since she probably works with them every so often, but why would a random friend of louis’ and harry’s mom of all people follow her?

and then this as well:

at least she’s relatively honest in this tweet.

there’s obviously a lot more to this woman than we’ve been able to discover. we’re still working on finding some more information, and we’ll update sometime soon.

we ask you to please respect the fourth wall and refrain from tweeting the link to this post, since the last time that happened, 1Dneews got a hold of it and it caused a lot of drama.

- ayla & mia. x

p.s. credit to histattoo for figuring out her name :)

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